Corporate, individual and business consulting

  • company set-up, preparing companies act and all documents needed
  • start-up guidance and advise, business strategy
  • preparing documents and company decisions and the maintaining of statutory books
  • extraordinary operations such as mergers, conversions, spin-offs, wind-ups, transfer of companies
  • administration and control processes;
  • assistance in commercial and corporate agreements and contracts
  • corporate evaluation and assessments
  • corporate residence
  • protection of management of family assets, trusts
  • assistance in individual and family affairs

International support and strategies

A qualified and reliable professional is strategically important to better understand the local markets and to guide international companies as soon as they decide to set their affairs in Italy.  

  • Assistance and professional advise for the incorporation of an Italian company

  • Advise in choosing the form of an Italian entity

  • Support and advice to shareholders and management for start-up strategies

  • Preparing of documents and acts needed

  • Opening of fiscal positions for the shareholders and for the company

  • Support in professional and stakeholders relationships

  • Identifying and selecting strategic objectives for acquisitions, performing, when necessary, strategic audits

  • Assisting international companies in post-acquisition or startup management

Judicial, extra-judicial assignments and tax disputes

  • assignments in Law Court procedures (trustee in bankruptcy, Judicial liquidations etc)
  • advisory services to Civil and Criminal Law Courts
  • tax litigations support and advice
  • assistance and tax defence at the Regional and Provincial commission

Book-keeping, control and auditing

  • book-keeping (ordinary and simplified) by means of accounting software eventually integrated and shared with the clients
  • annual and periodical financial statements
  • drawing up and publishing of the Balance Sheet, the Profit and Loss Statement and the Explicative Note, in accordance with the regulations of CEE Laws
  • annual publishing of financial statements according to the National laws and rules
  • financial reporting
  • legal and certified auditing
  • members of the Board of Statutory Auditors

National and international tax advise

  • general fiscal consultancy
  • negotiating with Revenue Italy in cases of tax disputes and appeals
  • corporate and personal tax compliancetax-planning according to national and international fiscal rules

Corporate renewal and turnaround management

  • advice and assistance to companies in the pre-bankruptcy stage
  • support in the process of arrangements with creditors
  • analyzing, planning, supporting management in troubleshooting
  • crisis management
  • corporate debt restructuring
  • corporate restructuring and turnarounds

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